“Ninety-six-five, the Geezer, where rock died 40 years ago, as did most of our listeners!”


The president of Mexico comes to the United States and blasts the state of Arizona for passage of SB1070. Of course, if you’re an illegal immigrant in Mexico you get the book thrown at you, does anyone in our government bring this up? *Spoiler alert* the answer is No. Meanwhile Attorney General Eric Holder is asked if he’s read Arizona’s illegal immigration law and, despite the fact that Holder plans legal action against the measure, he says he still hasn’t read it. Certainly, the attorney general is busy and can’t be bothered reading these lengthy ten page novels.

The NBA Playoffs continue and the media is getting excited at a Lakers/Celtics NBA Finals. The only problem is that neither the Lakers nor the Celtics have defeated their respective opponents in the conference finals yet, but hey don’t let that stop you from your big market finals fantasies.

We are now more than a month into the Gulf oil spill and many residents along the coast are wondering when the federal government plans to respond. Is this Obama’s “Katrina”? Meanwhile, the only thing quieter than the feds response would be that of the all-too-compassionate BP.

It’s Manic Monday Madness and Mayhem!!!! Making fun of the radio biz never gets old… to me anyway.

An English university spends a million pounds to help inspire students, but should have probably used spellcheck before putting up that costly inscription on the building.

Some gentle advice for Megan Fox: Shut the Hell up!

So, did you really join the mile-high club if the other participant was asleep? Police certainly have their opinion.

On the other hand, a lawyer says “it’s natural for men to rape and beat women”. Before you rush to a hasty conclusion, you should know that the lawyer in question is a woman! The law firm that she was employed at, however, didn’t think this was a very ethical legal stance to take. The story only gets more bizarre from here…

Further illustrating that anyone can get a star on the Hollywood Walk-of-Fame may I present Chris Berman.

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