They Promised to Waste Time and They’re Sticking to It!

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Just days after reclaiming the House of Representatives, Republicans are following through on one of their promises… the repeal of president Obama’s health care law. In a move that can only be characterized as political theater, the repeal of the “job killing” health care legislation will move to the Senate where it will certainly fail to pass–even if it should miraculously clear that hurdle, president Obama will veto any attempt at repeal. Naturally this begs a very salient question; why bother?

With an ever increasing debt, Americans still concerned about unemployment and the general state of the economy, gas prices again rising and many of the other normal woes that face our nation, it seems there are far better ways to spend valuable congressional time.

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Michigan is one of several states to pass medical marijuana legislation and while there are many who are thankful for the passage of such a law, none are more pleased than the Oakland County Sheriff’s office. Last week, county Sheriff’s officers armed with high powered weapons and bullet-proof vests raided a medical marijuana dispensary. Why? Allegedly two individuals were reselling pot that they legally obtained from Big Daddy’s Management Group (the dispensary). Officers barged in, confiscated over 25 pounds of marijuana and seized nearly $3,000 in cash from the dispensary and from the wallets of the customers that happened to be there at the time of the raid. No one was arrested, the dispensary was not shut down, but officers did leave with over $20,000 in cash and merchandise from the raid.

What would you call it if an organization confiscated your merchandise without provocation and ostensibly stole cash from the register and customers of that business? Knowing that they can do it again at any time, for any reason? Of course, guess who gets to keep the money that was seized? The Oakland County Sheriff’s office. Webster’s will help us nicely with the definition that describes this situation best:

Racketeering rack·et·eer·ing (noun) — the practice of conducting or engaging in a racket, as extortion or bootlegging. ” …sounds about right.

Naturally I discuss the complicated matters surrounding our horrendous drug laws and the constitutional principles that apply. Unfortunately, federal law supersedes state law and therefore a difficult legal battle in this case seems imminent.

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How could I–as a legally blind man–find fault with a fellow blind guy (who is also partially deaf) that travels the world and writes books about his exploits? The irony is just too sweet.

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Listener requested flashback: From April 25, 2008 — three heavily armed men burst in to rob a dollar store… this spring-boards into a rant about dollar stores, who shops there, the merchandise and other musings.

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