Armand’oh! Galarrobbeda


The most under the radar story of the year so far continues to be the rapidly rising tension between North and South Korea. The North, in what has become an obvious act of aggression, “accidentally” sank one of South Korea’s ships in March, ever since the North continues to escalate the situation with saber rattling. The United States and more specifically the White House have been publicly silent on the subject. Could a new Korean war be imminent?

More evidence of incompetence all the way around in the Gulf oil spill as it enters it’s 45th day. Watch as the political football gets tossed around and of course get ready for the usual list of names in the blame game to emerge on talk radio and in media circles alike.

Nobody on, and two out in the bottom of the ninth, no runs, no hits, no errors, no one has reached base–and the pitch… a ground ball toward second, throw on to first in time and OUT! A perfect game… wait, no? why not? Everyone’s had a bad day at the office or made a mistake on the job, but there’s a bad time to make a mistake and a REALLY bad time to make a mistake–guess which one happened to first base umpire Jim Joyce in tonight’s Cleveland Indians, Detroit Tigers game at Comerica Park. Armando Galarraga was should have been awarded a perfect game, however Joyce called the Indians runner safe at first base. Live action and subsequent replays show the runner clearly out, but by then it was too late.

Think the story ends there? Not at all. Jim Joyce apologizes after the game and owns up to his mistake, but will commissioner Bud Selig make the right call and award Galarraga a perfection? We’ll have to see. The best part of the story though is found when listening to the play-by-play from Fox Sports Detroit, and the flagship radio broadcasts of the Indians and Tigers play-by-play calls. At one point, the Tigers TV PBP man references the blown call at first base as “what a travesty”. Melodramatic much?

Also on this episode: Random bumpers and music commentary.

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