Apocalypse Now… Or Not.

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It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.  Why wouldn’t I?  It’s been a good off-and-on run here with the show through the years. It’s just disappointing that we finally have some good weather here in the desert southwest only to have it ruined by the end of all life as we know it.

Yes, it’s that time again… time to talk about the usual nut-jobs that predict armageddon.  This time it’s David Meade, everyone’s favorite writer of doom’s day prognostications—you’ve never heard of him?  He has discussed the approach of a mythical celestial object known as “Planet X” for many years.  Meade, and others, have discussed the secret planet’s arrival into our section of the solar system several times throughout the past.  Even making claims on conspiracy radio programs such as Coast-to-Coast AM that ‘Planet X’ would slam into the earth.  Of course, the dates that these various impacts were supposed to have occurred have since come and gone and Meade is still given enough credibility to continue coming back with more outrageous claims.

Well, get your affairs in order because the date of our doom, according to Meade, is tomorrow (September 23, 2017).  Hopefully it will be some time in the evening, I want to enjoy a nice, lazy Saturday first.



United States senators Rand Paul and John McCain are a couple of the Republican holdouts that have, so far, refused to support the latest round of repeal-replace legislation from the Trump administration and their fellow GOP colleagues.  Nevertheless, Republicans will continue to try their best to ram through a piece of legislation that would, ostensibly, be a worse version of the Affordable Care Act, also known as ‘Obamacare’.

‘Obamacare’ was one of those pieces of legislation that no one really liked in the end, as it was either too watered down for those that wanted a universal system, not expansive enough to those that had significant health issues or was far too expensive and only benefited insurance companies to those that actually analyzed the data.  Still, the old adage prevails, ‘something is better than nothing’, and nothing is exactly what the Republican health care (or NightmareCare as I refer to it) bill will provide, particularly to veterans and the disabled.



My favorite video of the year… Anytime broadcast personalities flip out and go full tilt on their production crew, engineers, control-room, etc, it’s always good audio/video and this is no exception.  Here’s everyone’s favorite angry liberal Lawrence O’Donnell having some issues one evening.

Watch out Bill O’Reilly, you’ve got some left-wing competition now!



What does one well know rich, narcissistic, ego-maniac think of Donald Trump?  Well… here you go.  Gene Simmons chimes in on president Trump’s performance.

No surprises here, Gene thinks that the president—while perhaps being a bit bombastic in his speech—is getting results; the Dow Jones is up, people are working and the country is “the richest it’s been in 50 years”.  Gene is the richest he has been in 50 years, but it’s hard to say if the country has quite caught up.  Still the KISS front man seems to be pretty pleased with himself and the performance of president Trump so far.



Hilary is on tour promoting her latest book, “What Happened?” where she pontificates out loud precisely what it is that could have gone wrong during the 2016 election.  She blames virtually everyone and everything for her failure to secure the White House last November including (but not limited to): Bernie Sanders, James Comey, the media, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Vladamir Putin, Men, Women, the letter R and Cheddar-Bay Biscuits.

Apparently, Hilary didn’t realize that she asked a question and answered it on the cover of her own book… she wrote, What Happened? Hilary Rodham Clinton.

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