Oprah Asks Oprah What Makes Her So Great

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Move over Larry because it’s time for CNN’s new rising star… uh… Piers Morgan? One of the judges on the hit show “America’s Got Talent” is apparently more dynamic than a 257-year old Larry King and now holds that coveted time slot.

Piers’ first guest was Oprah Winfrey and it only took a few moments for the self-aggrandizement fest to begin. At one point, Winfrey tells Piers to ask her what makes her so great… narcissist, party of one. Of course you might think this is just another opportunity for me to slam the daytime talk show queen, but in what might be something I will later regret confessing, I watched the entire interview and gained a bit of a new perspective on Winfrey.

Your eyes don’t deceive you and nor will your ears as I discuss this in greater detail on the show, but I actually learned a fair amount about the psychology behind Oprah. There can be little doubt that she remains a shining gem of self-importance but it has to do with a much deeper psyche that actually makes me feel somewhat sad for some aspects of her life. No sarcastic punchline follows, as hard as it is to believe, I actually felt a little compassion for Oprah following her appearance… yeah, maybe I need to be drug tested.

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Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords continues to recover following her gunshot wound to the head more than a week-and-a-half ago. The miraculous turn of events may lead to Giffords being able to walk within a week or two. Certainly, many questions remain as to how well the Tucson congresswoman will bounce back, but the medical staff trumpets it’s incredible optimism.

Meanwhile 60 Minutes did a further investigation into the shooter Jared Loughner and discovered some further disturbing details/video. Through all of the disturbing behavior that Loughner has engaged in over the last several years it turns out that the shooting spree was about the least surprising to many.

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Gardena high school shooting. A student’s gun ‘accidentally’ discharged from his backpack injuring two–one critically. In about five seconds, the usual suspects will be coming forward to tout how this is another reason to ban all guns, assault rifles, conservatives and Sarah Palin from the planet.

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Nic Ramos, a student at the University of Colorado, wanted to make a statement about the rapidly increasing cost of tuition. When he entered the admissions building at the campus he exclaimed “I’m here to pay my tuition”, and that’s when Ramos placed a 30-pound bag on the counter containing $14,300 in one-dollar bills. It was somewhat disappointing that he didn’t pay with pennies… maybe next semester!

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Also on this episode: Black conservatives blasting NPR over racist remarks made by commentator… against white people? 7.4 magnitude earthquake rocks southwest Pakistan and does $2 in damage. At the young age of 79 Regis announces his retirement. A very brief preview of the upcoming NFC and AFC conference championship games, more detailed previews later this week!

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4 Responses to “Oprah Asks Oprah What Makes Her So Great”

  1. With all due respect, and I mean that sincerely. I agree with you on most things but on the freshman incoming planning on repealing “Obamacare” that is where we disagree. I agree that it is just symbolism, but it does show the voters that the incoming house is set to do what we voted them into the house to do. I believe that we know there isn’t a shot in the dark that this will every reach the senate or even the Presidents desk, but why not try? If they did nothing and capitulated then the American people would know that its just the same ole politician status quo nonsense. For the first time I see some light at the other end of the tunnel and this time it’s not another train. Its still the first month and the new congress has been sworn in and now they are working. They are working in line with the Constitution (it may be a week attempt) but reading it on the floor was an amazing approach to the kind of Government that we need. Harry Reid will continue to block any bill that they pass but the voters will see this and oust him. We do have a chance now and a better one in 2012, let’s back every bill that they send to the senate and let them defend and explain it to their constituents on their reelection campaign.

    • John C. MacClore Says:
      January 25, 2011 at 3:58 am

      Wow, well said, Garth!

    • MichaelGroff Says:
      January 25, 2011 at 10:21 am


      Certainly the voters have spoken and Republicans are following through on their promise to repeal the Obama health care law, however I submit to you that there is a better way to go about it than mere symbolism. Knowing that the repeal has no chance to pass the Senate or the president’s desk, why not just elect not to fund health care? Since the House controls the budget, it would send a much more profound message and ultimately be more effective to simply not allow tax dollars to go to the system. In a sense, that would be the GOP putting their money where theirs mouths are…. or not putting the money there, whichever.

      Under the above scenario, the president would be forced to agree to such a budget, otherwise there would be a complete governmental shut down. All of the pressure would rest squarely on the Senate and the president to sign the budget as utter chaos would be the result if he didn’t. I think the voters would like to see real, substantive action taken as opposed to symbolic displays of good faith. Not to mention, my scenario would likely generate more debate and yield more action with regard to the budget and potential cuts that are so desperately needed.

      • John C. MacClore Says:
        January 25, 2011 at 4:10 pm

        Right. But at the same rate, I like Garth’s point in that this is a good political move ahead of the 2012 elections. Force the Senate members to shoot down the repeal, and then force them to explain why they did that to their constituents. In theory, this would potentially pave the way for more R wins in 2012.

        On a side note–doesn’t Oprah seem like the type who would be willing to admit she is gay if she indeed is? This is why I don’t necessarily buy the whole Oprah is gay argument.