Today on ‘Things Ben Carson Knows Nothing About’: The Pyramids

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It’s been said time and again, you just can’t make this stuff up.  Presidential Hopeful and noted historian Dr. Ben Carson has answered one of the great mysteries of mankind… what was really stored in the pyramids?  Would you believe grain?  Neither did the rest of us, but this is just another in the long line of Christmas morning type presents that Dr. Carson leaves for us every day.  Tomorrow we’ll likely learn that Millard Fillmore was really buried in Grant’s tomb.

Okay, perhaps that’s a slight bit of hyperbole, especially because Carson—currently in second place among Republican presidential candidates in the latest polls—has already followed up his outstanding trivia with some excellent domestic policy ideas:  When discussing the nation’s illegal immigration issue, Carson noted that any illegal immigrant that attempts to cast a vote should have their citizenship stripped.  Wow.   Remember, second place among likely Republican voters.


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2 Responses to “Today on ‘Things Ben Carson Knows Nothing About’: The Pyramids”

  1. Ginny Sullivan Says:
    November 11, 2015 at 3:20 am

    Oh MG! I’ve not laughed that hard in a week! I mean I laughed so hard I snorted many times haha…. :P

    Has it been a year yet? I’m so sick of hearing about Ben Carson, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump….I think I will write my name on the ballot when I vote next year or better yet, put your name down Mike!

    I mean REALLY! What a dummkopf Ben Carson is!?! How can a man who operates on the human brain be so damn Dumb sounding? Jeez….

    Cancer sucks! I am glad that guy got to go see the new Star Wars movie and my heart goes out to his family. I hope he had life insurances before he got sick that will help his family out. :(

    The Wake Up Songs part was cool. I didn’t know many of them. I love Walking on Sunshine :) I like Demi’s new song too. And one or two more. The rest was a bit odd. But, that’s just me. When you said “What the Hell” was hilarious to me because I can just see your face. haha

    Another great podcast! Thanks for sharing Mike! ;) <3

  2. Michael Groff! I listened to you religiously back in 08-09 when I worked nights and I just came across your site again. That’s great to see that you’ve been adding lots of new podcasts over the last couple months. You’ve always had the greatest podcast out there. Glad to be listening again!!