Australia Wins Best Law of the Day: Molest a Shark, $10,000 Fine.

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Summer is in full effect in the land down-under and that means plenty of fun times to be had in the vast waters that surround Australia.  So, get out the sun-screen, glasses and beach towels, head out to the water and remember to be vigilant as sharks are an ever-present danger.  But, please, if you do see a Great-White… don’t harass or interfere with them… and for the love of God don’t even think about molesting them.


Great White Sharks are among the protected species of the world and, as if there needed to be further protection against man’s advances, if you molest a shark you could be facing upwards of $10,000 in penalties.  This may seem like a random tidbit to pass along, but a recent video that has circulated throughout social media shows a group of fishermen, apparently intoxicated, taunting a Great White and causing it to jump out of the water.


The faces of the fishermen in the video cannot be seen but Australian law enforcement—obviously with little else to do—are still attempting to hunt down these terrorists of the sea as quickly as possible.

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3 Responses to “Australia Wins Best Law of the Day: Molest a Shark, $10,000 Fine.”

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