Mic’s On, but Mike’s Off… to Sleep

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Mike Francesa, sports radio talk show host on WFAN-New York with television simulcast on the YES Network, might want to brew another pot of coffee before his air shift in the future.  During Wednesday’s broadcast Francesa was in the middle of a phone interview with Sweeny Murti discussing the Yankees and their playoff aspirations.  Clearly the conversation was so scintillating that Francesa dozed off while a blissfully unaware Murti kept chattering alone to the audience about the Bronx bombers.


At one point Murti says “Mike” within one of his sentences and this (or perhaps a producer yelling in Francesa’s headphones) stirs the snoozy host who now finds himself back in an interview as opposed to the comforts of dreamland.  Francesa’s facial expression, captured fairly well in the photo above, is a familiar one to those that may have had an awkward sleepy moment at one time—he appears momentarily panicked.  We can only assume what went through his mind in that moment of realization, “Oh no, how long was I out, he’s still talking, this is good… did anybody see?  CRAP!”  Yep, that’s the look!


For the record, Francesa recovered nicely and to the radio audience they were completely unaware of what transpired in the studio.



Is Glenn Beck a Phony?


Despite a determination to avoid TV and radio on September 11th, an overwhelming curiosity drove me to flip through the radio dial.  Naturally, some stations/shows completely ignored 9/11, others offered various degrees of appropriate tributes.  I saw conspiracy theorists here and there touting their latest theories or recycling old, easily debunked notions about what “really” happened on that day… and then there was Glenn Beck.


Tuesday’s Glenn Beck radio program opened with a montage of clips from September 11, 2001, including flight recordings from United 93, news broadcasts from the day and even bits of Beck’s show.  While listeners of his show on the radio may not have been able to witness the visual, those watching through Beck’s website saw the host facepalming and tearing up during the opening montage.  Upon the conclusion of the intro, Beck started a slow, deliberate and weepy monologue, during which he talked about how his life has changed.  Naturally, “God” made it’s way into the conversation fairly quickly as it often does on Beck’s radio show.  As the monologue evolved, Beck recounted a vacation he took this past weekend in which he claims to have been “accosted” (verbally?) by a female.  He also mentions that his son is taken away by his 24/7 security during this incident.  In this recollection, the unidentified “assailant” tells Beck that he’s not welcome in her town (Anchorage, Alaska) and yells further at the radio host.   Beck claims he responds with “I love you” repeatedly.


According to Beck, his son later asks why the woman was yelling at him.  Beck tells him that it’s because he says things that some people don’t like to hear.  I wouldn’t go as far as to call Beck a liar at this point, but I don’t know how to end this sentence without calling him a liar.


Just like a $5 house in Detroit, I’m not buying any of it.  I don’t doubt that Beck was affected emotionally by the events that unfolded on 9/11/01, but having heard the monologue and assessing the story, including the “assault”, it all rings of a self-important martyr.


Let’s try to keep in mind that Beck was part of the Y-95 Morning Zoo in Phoenix back in the late 1980’s.   He hosted other zany type programs before and after that time.  He sells various chotchkies with his name all over them on his website and even a subscription to his GBTV site.  One has to wonder what lengths a radio host will go to for an extra dollar or two.  I’m not daring to suggest that Beck’s new found love of God is disingenuous nor do I begrudge him a single dime of his income.  It’s just mysterious that Glenn Beck worships Jesus Christ and is suddenly a martyr just like his lord and savior.   After all, this isn’t the first incident in which the nationally syndicated host has claimed to be verbally (or otherwise) assaulted.


It all seems remarkably convenient.


To underscore this thought:  There’s no personal axe to grind here with Mr. Beck, but I do question the sincerity of the once ‘zoo keeper’ turned ultra-religious-conservative talk show host.  I know that Beck has battled alcoholism and was, by his own admission, not proud of the person he was thirty years ago.  That having been said, it’s hard to imagine a person changing directions so radically in just a few years.  When I first stumbled upon Beck’s program over a decade ago, the word “God” was very infrequent and he was basically a moderate Libertarian.  Even up to just a few years ago he would rant about reducing our bloated military budget, easing drug laws and the seperation of church and state.   It would seem those values have gone to meet their maker and now it’s onward to a new platform.


All of this begs the question, what facilitated this rhetorical makeover?  Was it really a love of “God”, conservative values, money or perhaps a combination of these variables?  Once again, I leave open the possibility of completely misjudging the individual in question.  Nevertheless, knowing the phony persona that so many people in this (radio) business put forth, I cannot help but feel this is just another act on the low rung of the showbiz ladder.



Also on this episode

U.S. Ambassador J Christopher Stevens and three other men killed in Libya.  The killings occurred following a raid on the U.S. Embassy in Libya by a group of radicals.  Graphic images have appeared across the net showing Stevens and others being dragged through the street, apparently bloody, beaten and clearly dead.

The Chicago teacher strike enters it’s fourth day and new information is found about what the union is specifically demanding.   We already know that they turned down a 16 percent pay increase and had no interest in performance based evaluation.  Now, it has come to light that they want air conditioners in all classrooms—this portion seems like a must.   They’re also demanding no additional out-of-pocket health care costs… Hmm, didn’t Obama take care of that?

Who needs the breathalizer or a blood alcohol test when you have infrared technology.  Two Greek scientists are utilizing old technology to create a device that uses thermal imagery to detect whether someone may be intoxicated.

Fraudulent psychic being sued?  While it may sound like just another day in a United States courtroom, this particular lawsuit demonstrates just how far scammers will abuse their victims.  After consulting with a psychic named “Mama Tanya”, the plaintiff claims that he was told of his recently deceased relatives’ agony.  Of course, in order to relieve their suffering this “spiritual healer” would require monies totaling more than $30,000.   Hmmm.. I’m getting a vision… it looks like a guilty verdict in your future.

Jim Calhoun, head coach of the University of Connecticut men’s basketball team calls it a career.  Why is this a story?   I could tell you that the 70 year old Calhoun has won three national championships, turned a once dead program into a major revenue source for the university or even how he beat cancer three times… but who cares about all of that!  Calhoun will be best remembered for a post game press conference from a few years back; during which a young reporter asked if the coach planned on returning any of the money he has been paid given the state’s economic struggles at the time.  The snarky reporter got a little more than he bargained for and comedy ensued.

A new feature makes it’s debut on the show:  The Worst Song of the Week.  Believe me, this one is pretty awful.

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5 Responses to “Mic’s On, but Mike’s Off… to Sleep”

  1. Love that you have the passion to put your shows together again :) <3

  2. Great show, Mike.

    Glenn Beck is a pathetic piece of human waste on the airwaves. Anyone that takes a national tragedy like 9/11 and turns it around to make themselves sound like a pariah or martyr, as you wrote Mike, is just disgraceful. I’m glad you called him out on his crap and it sounded like you didn’t want to, but people like this should be locked away and force fed their own garbage. He makes conservatives look bad. No, wait, he makes the very human race look horrible.

    “My son had to be whisked away”, from what? Some woman on the street likely taking you to task on your daily load of nonsense that drools aimlessly from your rotten mouth? If that incident even happened in the first place. I’m sure the entire story, the tears and personal attitude was all some giant heap of dung to make yourself look like the poor, beaten down man. You’re such a victim Glenn, all of us really feel sorry for you with your hundred million dollars. Your poor children have a fraud for a father and the country has another phony religious kook on the airwaves.

    I’ve listened to your show since 2007 Mike, I have never written or felt a need to do so. But what I heard on Thursday’s podcast from Glenn Back made me so mad! I could have overloaded your site with all the thoughts that came to mind about this.

    Mike you have an excellent show and I will try and comment more on your shows on your site or email, whatever. Just please don’t give that piece of trash Glenn Beck anymore free publicity. Also, that “worst song of the week” is now stuck in my head, damn.

    • Here here, Kevin! I couldn’t help but think to myself that his wife and kids must be embarrassed to hear such a pathetic broadcast.

      Keep up the good work Mike! :)

  3. LOL @ glenn beck. I swear some of these conservative religious guys will say or do anything to get ratings and money including being complete fakes. Best part though was when glenn says “I don’t know what i did before september 11th…” and mike interrupts “drank!” made me almost fall off my chair.

    I don’t always agree with your politics Mike, but I think your show is awesome all the same. Thanks for the entertainment.

    btw, I don’t mind the sports talk and would love to hear more of it anyone that hates it can just shove it up their ass.

  4. Your shows are better than ever mike. Keep rockin!