Sin City Slaughter

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The Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas was the improbable setting for the deadliest mass-shooting in United States history.  As of this broadcast 59 people were killed and at least 527 remain injured (some of them critically) after a more than ten minute barrage of automatic weapon fire.

The shots began around 10:30pm (PDT) from across the street on the Mandalay Bay’s 32nd floor.  After using a blunt object to break a few windows, Stephen Paddock began his indiscriminate spray of bullets from a cache of at least 23 automatic weapons.  Before police could apprehend Paddock, he had already taken his own life.

In the end, many are left questioning “why?”

Paddock did not fit the typical profile of a mass shooter other than being a white male.  The 64 year-old man, with no criminal record and an apparent high net work well into the millions of dollars surprised everyone with his killing spree, including his brother Eric who remained dumbfounded at the news.



The people of Puerto Rico have had a terrible month or so, with significant damage from hurricanes Irma and Jose and a knockout punch from Maria.  Residents are searching for food, water, medical supplies and relief from a situation that has turned into the most under-reported humanitarian crisis in recent history.  Fortunately, the people of Puerto Rico would get swift and decisive assistance from our federal government and President Donald Trump, right?   Of course not!

Believe it or not, Trump—among the many other foolish things said during this situation—-actually wanted to passive-aggressively let everyone know that Puerto Rico was putting quite a strain on our budget.  You might be thinking that I’m making this up or embellishing the truth… well in our ongoing series called ‘Trump actually said that’, here you go!

I hate to tell you, Puerto Rico, but you’ve thrown our budget a little out of whack!


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2 Responses to “Sin City Slaughter”

  1. Michael James Says:
    October 7, 2017 at 7:11 am

    Mike, great show, and good to see you back at it. I’m only surprised you didn’t mention what’s going on in Spain and Catalonia right now. Of course, human rights abuses on top of a show this heavy would probably be too much

  2. Awesome show Michael! Please don’t stray away again!! Regarding the Puerto Rico situation, I understand our government’s frustration toward Puerto Rico because, despite all Puerto Ricans being American citizens, they are still their own country and should be required to pay a percentage of the hurricane damage. What’s fair? I’d say we pay 50%, they pay 50%. As a taxpayer, I don’t want to fully pay for the PR disaster. Yes PR does pay taxes, but mainly benefits-based taxes and no federal personal income taxes. I think we should propose implementing a form of personal income tax for PR until the 50% share of US federal aid is paid in full, then shut it back down. Like a credit card. We fix now, they pay later. I understand they are in debt, but we’re $20+ Trillion in debt! Just a wee bit more serious here than there. I don’t know. Maybe it’s heartless to say they should pay some of the cost, but if we pay 50% of the bill, I think that is totally fair.