Hurricanes, Earthquakes and Tsunamis, Oh My!

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It began Saturday evening with a magnitude 7.7 earthquake off the west coast of Canada.  Tsunami advisories were issued from northern California to Alaska with a tsunami warning in effect for Hawaii.  Although waves measuring five to seven feet were anticipated, waves were only observed to be around two feet at the highest.  Minimal damage occurred with no injuries or fatalities noted.  This story was trending worldwide on Twitter, however it made very little noise on the major media outlets as the dominant topic of conversation continued to be Hurricane Sandy.


As of late Monday evening Sandy had become a ‘post tropical’ system, meaning it had lost characteristics that identify it as a tropical storm/hurricane.  Nevertheless, near hurricane force winds persisted near the center of the storm which was located around 25 miles west of Philadelphia.  The storm continues it’s northwesterly motion around 20 mph.  Storm surge devastated some of the coastline from Delaware to Long Island, while heavy rains continued inland.  At least two million residents are without power and likely more will be in the dark before the storm eases by Wednesday.


Subways in New York City are flooded.  Sporadic damage to buildings, docks and numerous downed trees and powerlines are just some of the areas of concern.  While further west, a cold low pressure system feeds on the moisture provided by former hurricane Sandy.  Some mountainous areas in West Virginia could see upwards of two feet of snow.   Meanwhile, flooding rains will continue for at least the next 24-36 hours across much of the region.


Fortunately, Sandy’s foward speed accelerated beyond it’s projected pace earlier today, this likely spared New York/New Jersey from an even more significant storm surge.  Still, the damage will be extensive likely exceeding $100 billion.  Power may be out for as long as two weeks in some isolated locations and other utilities may remain offline for some time as well.


Worst storm to hit the region ever?  Probably not.  Admittedly though, this storm certainly was more powerful than I had given it credit.  Although there are some locations that were spared the brunt of Sandy’s wrath, such as the D.C. area and the Carolinas, both of those areas were certainly bracing for some harsh weather and saw a relatively minor impact.



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