Dr. Phil to the Uhh… Rescue?

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The “Golden Voice” with the tarnished past. Ted Williams, the homeless man with the “golden” radio voice now finds himself spiraling into a world of celebrity status. With that new found status comes the usual pitfalls of one’s past coming back to haunt you, the present reality of your situation and the future possibility of your fifteen minutes of fame running out.

After discovering his rather lengthy criminal history and deadbeat father status, it’s clear Williams isn’t quite the lovable underdog everyone perceived him to be. Luckily though, Dr. Phil is on the case. Despite the fact that Williams has been estranged from his family for the better part of two decades, the TV pseudo-psychologist plans to intervene. Though it seems about 25 years too late, Williams has already agreed to go to rehab for his drug/alcohol abuse.
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More disturbing information is being learned about Jared Loughner, the 22-year old that opened fire at a public event last Saturday killing six and wounding 18. Aside from more chilling accounts from those who were classmates, former teachers or acquaintances, a collection of skulls was discovered in the man’s backyard. His parents have made a statement wishing to be left alone by the media and expressing their condolences to the families of the victims of the tragedy.

Of course, both sides of the political spectrum continued to point fingers at the others directly or in philosophy regarding the incident. On today’s show, I expose that it’s not just right wing radio that holds a monopoly on so-called hate talk. In fact, some rather violent things are said by “progressives” (both elected officials and talk show hosts). Featuring plenty of audio clips from Ed Schultz and Mike Malloy among others.

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Billionaire businessman Donald Trump says he is strongly considering a run for president of the United States in 2012. Trump, who describes himself as a conservative Republican says he will continue to weigh his options and make an announcement in a few months. Conveniently Trump’s popular NBC Show ‘the Apprentice’ begins March 6 and runs through early June. Unless the Donald wishes to tangle with federal election laws, it’s very likely we won’t hear an official word until the conclusion of the show in the late spring.

Among his platforms, Trump believes the United States should impose a tax on all foreign imports in order to provide more incentive for jobs to return to the U.S. The potential presidential hopeful also has some rather biting comments about OPEC saying that they are manipulating the world’s economy and would do everything to stop them from doing so.
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America getting ever fatter by the day: More evidence of the obesity epidemic. Boston EMT workers say they have specially retrofitted an ambulance to accommodate patients of up to 850 pounds. The emergency vehicle appears similar to a standard unit, but comes complete with a hydraulic lift so as to avoid wrenching an EMT workers back. The workers say that they have two to four patients that require such an ambulance per week!
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An Italian man has survived a gunshot wound to the head after he reportedly sneezed out the bullet!

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6 Responses to “Dr. Phil to the Uhh… Rescue?”

  1. Rory Daley Says:
    January 13, 2011 at 1:58 pm

    Final comment of the show was creepy. “Egg and sperm” + “parents” in same sentence, ugh!

  2. MichaelGroff Says:
    January 13, 2011 at 2:07 pm

    Haha. I suppose I got carried away with the thank yous. Then again, it is true that my show wouldn’t be possible without my parents! These are the things that get said when it’s 11pm.

  3. The Jackal (co-host James) Says:
    January 13, 2011 at 9:57 pm

    Good show Mike!
    I must say, now I’m a little sorry I helped that man get a job (watched his video multiple times) he seems as though he hasn’t held his own in life. I don’t completely regret him getting that job, as you said everyone loves the underdog. He may be a bastard but hey — maybe his fame will change him, maybe he will pay that child support, maybe he did what he had to do y’know?

    It continues to disgust me as well about the political bashing. One of my favorite youtubers ‘the amazing atheist’ is even guilty of this accusing Sarah Palin of causing these events. As an interesting side note I checked out (another) political book called Crazies to the left, Wimps to the right, it’s a very decent book.

    Trumps ideas actually do sound good, he isn’t promising all the glammer like Obama, he actually sounds like a decent man despite his fame. It certainly blows me away that his political idea are completely solid! I have to disagree about military experience though, that’s not a necessity, as you said that’s what advisors are for. It certainly would be something if he got to be president.

    Americans are fat, it’s as simple as that. I myself aren’t exactly a flattering weight but I started going to the gym recently, mostly because I just wanted to run, I’ve already lost weight. They say it’s ‘hard’ it’s not, go for the damn walk.

    The last story was just hilarious, SNEEZED out a bullet.

  4. I just heard your Mondays podcast where you thought that this guy who shot the congresswoman and killed these others would get off on the insanity plea.
    I tend to agree. That Pima County sheriff wasn’t hepling matters much with his blame on the “rhetoric” being the reason this happened. This guy was on nearly every talk show spuing this crap about rhetoric, don’t you think he himself is obstructing justice? I kind of see this as free speech that’s going on trial and the defense will eat this guy up with his blame of such rhetoric as being the cause.

    Just want to get your thoughts on that.

    Great show as always keep up the good work.

  5. When crappy covers collide was one of my favorite bits that you did in the past, hopefully you can resurrect that again. My other favorite was “disgruntled voice guy”, classic! You seem to have meld the two together for more entertainment in the past, can you do that again?

    I remember that you gave us all 3-5 days a week on Comedy 104 with material from the hip. That was your niche my friend. You are an amazing talent with everything that you do. Don’t forget the fun things that brought us to love and enjoy… “The Zip Code Famous” Michael Groff Show!!

  6. Thanks Michael, keep the shows coming!