Sure We’ll Out That Fire, That’ll Be $75.


Mercifully, only 27 days remain until the November 2nd midterms elections, naturally that means that we’re only about two months away from breaking down the2012 election… oi. In any event, the latest Gallop Polls/trends continue the unabated climb of GOP and Tea Party candidates. It’s not just incumbent Democrats that should be fearful of losing their jobs, the data shows some Republicans may also be in danger.

It seems Americans are so dreadfully exhausted by the tone and direction of this nation, that they will elect nearly anyone simply because they’re not an incumbent and therefore didn’t put us in this mess.

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Faisal Shahzad, the man behind the attempted terror attack in Times Square earlier this year is facing life in prison. In court today, Shahzad was allowed (for some unknown reason) to make a statement where he proclaimed, “If I had a thousand lives, I would give each and every one of them for the life of Allah”. In that case… one down, 999 to go!

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It’s time for a reality check to all hardcore, orthodox Libertarians. At the risk of speaking ill of my own kind it must again be pointed out that the most stalwart of you are living in fantasy land. I speak specifically to those that wish for the complete removal of all income tax, where even the most basic of civil services such as police and fire are funded privately by the citizens. A story about a fire department in Tennessee where the fireman refused to extinguish a home engulfed in flames is the basis for this slap back to reality for my Libertarian brethren. The reason that the fire crew in Obion County, TN refused to put out the blaze was because the homeowners didn’t pay a fee to the local fire department. Apparently in this particular jurisdiction of Tennessee, the local fire department requires resident to pay a $75 annual fee to be ‘protected’… if you don’t pay the fee, you don’t get the service… screw your house and property. Luckily though, when the fire spread to a neighboring home that was current with their fee, then crews immediately put out the fire!

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Poll: 53% of Californians would vote “NO” on Prop 8 (the statewide legalization of marijuana). The data continues a trend of opposition to the idea of marijuana legalization and what once seemed a sure bet to succeed in November is almost certainly a doomed proposition now. Just when I thought California may finally redeem itself and show rare sensibility, it seems quite unlikely now.

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On the heels of Glenn Beck’s August protest/sermon and the progressive’s march in Washington earlier this week, John Stewart plans a “rally to restore sanity”. The Daily Show host says that it’s time to stop shouting and perhaps come together and be sensible. You know the world is upside down when a comedian is calling for civility. How many people will Stewart likely draw? It’s unknown, but based on Stewart’s media popularity and cult following, a large crowd (and no, I’m not being sarcastic for a change… okay maybe a little) seems inevitable–but how “sane” will they really be?

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Rush Limbaugh finally earns some props following his appearance on Family Guy. Conservatives criticize his appearance… oh for the love of God can’t anyone have a sense of humor anymore?

Unfortunately, Rush’s kudos on the show last about two minutes as he immediately opens his mouth and says something stupid.

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3 men invading a home vs. Unarmed home owner only wearing underwear… you know how this story turns out… or maybe not!

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