Be Careful What You Light On Fire in Cleveland


Finally the World Cup is over… you mean after the U.S. was eliminated they actually bothered to continue?

The AIDS vaccine is here… again. At the risk of getting hopes up, scientists claim they have developed antibodies that fight 91% of the strains of the AIDS virus. Could there soon be a cure?

Riots in Oakland, moreso than usual. Violence erupts after an incident where a white police officer evidently shoots an unarmed African-American male.

BP says the cap will be on the well Monday–which would be 81 days after the oil spill fiasco began. The existing cap isn’t quite stopping the endless flow of oil and will need to be removed this weekend before the new one can be fitted to replace it.

Lebron James makes his decision and is “taking his talents to South Beach”. Meanwhile fans in Cleveland are burning anything Lebron related… Fun times in Cleveland today, CLEVELAND!

Who is really behind the lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice against Arizona? The lawyer who is spearheading the effort has a track record of involvement in rather questionable cases.

Also on this episode: The most expensive boardgames, The pop chart somehow gets worse. Iran holds more people captive.

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