“Everything checks out ok…oh except for that plant growing in your lung”


Former Alaska senator Ted Stevens believed dead in a plane crash. Reflections upon the senator and the media hypocrisy that occurs whenever someone dies.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs says that if you question president Barack Obama then you should be drug tested. So, at least 60-percent of the country better get to peeing in the cup!

Global Warming Update: Southern California experiencing the coolest June-August period on record!

More bailouts stimulus for another of Barack Obama’s major campaign contributors. This time it’s $26 billion for teachers unions. Given the performance of our students public education, I guess they deserve it.

Iran warns that if the U.S. makes any type of move seen as provocation then they have mass graves already setup for our soldiers. It’s a good thing those sanctions are working so well.

The Summer of Recovery! 131,000 jobs were lost in July. According to the dictionary recovery means “the regaining of or possibility of regaining something lost or taken away.” I believe we have entered another dimension… a dimension not only of no foresight but of mindless, a wondrous journey beyond the boundaries of reality and imagination known as, the Obama Zone.

Folk hero flight attended has taken enough of your crap!

A bizarre medical story: A man has an increasingly difficult time breathing and is eventually diagnosed with lung cancer. The prognosis takes a strange turn when the baffled doctor says he doesn’t have lung cancer, but rather a plant growing in his lung.

Matt Garza throws a no-hitter for Tampa Bay–the first in the team’s history.

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