Climate Change Where? Florida Celebrates 10 Years Without Hurricane

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Monday (November 30) marked the official end of the 2015 Atlantic hurricane season and with it a milestone for Florida; ten consecutive years without a major hurricane making landfall.  According to the National Hurricane Center in Miami, such a streak is a record as no other ten year period (dating back to the late 19th century) has been hurricane free.  Naturally, numerous tropical storms have still wreaked havoc across the state with flooding rains and wind damage since 2006, but none have made it to major hurricane strength during that period.

This milestone occurred, coincidentally, just in time for the 2015 climate conference in Paris.  The annual summit features numerous world leaders from across the globe asking questions and expressing concerns regarding Earth’s ever evolving weather patterns.  Scientists presented their data assessing the degree to which global warming/climate change was occurring and some offered potential courses of action.  Meanwhile others discussed the likely consequences if steps weren’t taken to mitigate, among other things, harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

President Barack Obama briefly attended the event as well and has been roundly criticized for the carbon footprint he created during his travels to and from Paris.  According to an EPA report, President Obama burned the equivalent of 368,331 pounds of coal or roughly 797 barrels of oil.  The same report says that just one leg of the President’s trip emitted 189 tons of CO2 and burned 19,275 gallons of jet fuel.  A pretty hefty amount of pollution for a president that vetoed the Keystone XL oil pipeline because it would “undercut the United States’ image of being a leader in the fight against global warming”.



The Golden State Warriors remain undefeated in the NBA as they narrowly top the Utah Jazz on Monday night 106-103.  With the victory, the Warriors move to 19-0 to start the season, continuing to add to their record best start in NBA history.  Golden State’s next challenge will come Wednesday night in Charlotte, NC when they play the Bobcats.  After that contest lengthy east coast road trip will take the team to Toronto, Brooklyn, Indiana, Boston and Milwaukee before finally returning home on December 16th to play host to the Phoenix Suns.

How long can the winning streak last?  For historical reference, the Warriors are actually ensconced in a 23 game winning streak dating back to the end of the 2014-15 regular season, this is just ten games shy of the Los Angeles Lakers all-time consecutive win total of 33 in 1971-72.



The Philadelphia 76ers continue an equally impressive losing streak.  As of this writing the Sixers are a league worst (and dubious record holding as well) 0-18 and have lost 28 consecutive contests dating back to the end of last season (also a record).  The 76ers may have a legitimate shot at finally break the losing hex as they play host to Kobe Bryant and the struggling Los Angeles Lakers tonight.

Needless to say, even if the 76ers win, they would still be on pace to break their own all-time record for futility in a season.  Not a great time to be a Philadelphia sports fan these days, is it?


From the NFL

Cardinals 19, 49ers 13 – One of the worst officiated games ever to be witnessed in the NFL, so much so that the officiating crew was actually sanctioned by the league.  A slew of penalties (most of which legitimate) kept San Francisco from breaking the Cards five game winning streak and helped propel Arizona to a 9-2 mark.  With the victory, Arizona remains comfortably atop the NFC West with a three game lead over the second place Seattle Seahawks.


Patriots 24, Broncos 30 – So much for New England’s perfect season.  In a wild, back-and-forth game, backup quarterback Brock Osweiler lead the Broncos down the field to take a late fourth quarter lead on a cold, snowy Sunday night in Denver.  The patriots, as they typically do, responded with a field goal to tie the game and send it into overtime.  After Denver’s defense forced a quick three-and-out, the Broncos took over and it was CJ Anderson’s 48-yard touchdown run that gave the Broncos the win and sent New England to their first loss of the season.


Ravens 33, Browns 27 – Cleveland finds new and exciting ways to lose games every week.  A blocked field goal and run-back for a touchdown was the method the Browns used to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory on Monday night.  If you actually watched this game then you’re some type of masochist.  If you actually wagered money on this catastrophe than it might be time to attend a few gambler’s anonymous meetings.  This game marked yet another example of the poor quality product that the NFL continues to run onto the field.


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