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One has to wonder; why do we feel the need to perform the Star Spangled Banner before sporting events? Patriotism or nationalism maybe? Or just to get that embarrassing chill from hearing a performer ruin the National Anthem. In any event, Christina Aguilera–also known as Francis Scott Off-Key–turned in a gem of a performance of the Anthem prior to Superbowl 45 in Dallas. The vibrato-laden tones were only outdone by a complete omission of an entire set of lyrics. Whoops! I guess it’s back to lip-syncing for future events.

The greater question, albeit ever so cliche to ask; if you’re asked to perform the Star Spangled Banner–especially at the Superbowl–don’t you think it would be wise to actually know the lyrics and perhaps even have a good feel for the song first? Has anyone ever heard of practice? Perhaps Christina simply choked, much like Ben Rothlisberger on the biggest stage, Aguilera simply fumbled on the goal line and turned in one of the worst performances at the Superbowl in some time… fortunately for her, that rendition would be a distant memory as the Black Eyed Peas would go beyond the boundaries of musical apocalypse during the half time show.

Oddly, despite my dislike for both teams, the game itself was extremely compelling–it’s ashame the commercials and musical acts were not. Luckily Bill O’Reilly’s interview with President Obama provided additional pregame entertainment. The artful dodging of carefully crafted talking points versus the interruption of an angry host combined to provide fireworks, but little insight into the issues facing the country at present… you know those little problems we’re having with unemployment, the economy, war, etc.

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Speaking of War… what is to come of Egypt and the revolution that is underway. Should the U.S. and other nations around the world be concerned for the end of the Hosni Mubarak era? With many factions battling for control–most notably the Muslim Brotherhood, it seems that it really doesn’t matter who seizes control of the nation. On one hand, we should applaud the citizens of Egypt for finally having their fill of totalitarian rule, on the other, their behavior toward Americans, journalists and the Jews seems intolerable.

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A Michael Groff Show Flashback by request: Utah bans malt-liquor and fun.

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