A Nice Refreshing Drink of H-2-OMG!


When does disciplining your child go too far. A flight attendant takes matters into her own hands to make that decision.

An egg recall is underway, nearly 228 million eggs could possibly be linked to a salmonella outbreak.

Straight from the 8th century… A Saudi judge is looking into the possibility of having a man’s spinal chord severed on purpose following a conviction in which the defendant attacked another man with a cleaver leaving him paralyzed. Sounds about right.

A guy throws away a 41 career with American Airlines after reportedly stealing various items left behind on the aircraft by passengers. The total value of the loot is around $7,500… that’s about $182/year worth of severance… WORTH IT!!

A California man has been arrested for what he reportedly did to his coworker… or more appropriately what he did to his coworkers bottle of water…hmm, actually it’s more accurate to say what he did IN his coworkers bottle of water. The crime so nice, the guy did it twice.

A bull jumps a security fence in Spain and chaos ensues. I thought they liked that sort of thing.

Lawsuit of the Day: A Hawaii man is suing NCSoft, the creators of Lineage II on the basis that their game is so addictive that it causes him to not be able to function. The man claims he can’t bathe, interact with friends, eat or even go to the bathroom at regular intervals as a result of the game.

Also on this episode: Various stupid news. A list of the most expensive video games and the Katy Perry filled pop chart.

Michael Groff In Exile no longer.

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