O! Give Me A Break (Best of MGS)


It’s the BEST of the Michael Groff Show. Featuring great moments, classic bits and more of the stuff we find from the past that listeners want to hear again (or may have missed altogether). Contained herein are portions of shows from 2008.
Segment 1:

Showing there’s just no end to milking the fans, welcome to the Oprah store! What is it like to walk into the Oprah consciousness?

Good News: You’ve lost 570 pounds, Bad News: Still 430 pounds to go! Manuel Uribe, who was the worlds fattest man wants to become the man who has lost the most weight. So far, the news is encouraging. One very salient question though, how does a guy ever get to be 1,200 pounds in the first place? Just asking!
Segment 2:

Sometimes I wonder about people… Only in Florida would two people find themselves in trouble with the law after being caught having sex in a cemetery. Both participants were alive–fortunately–but the creep-o-meter is pegged well into the red.

Eight women pooled their money and won a $275 million Power ball jackpot! Why do people pool their money on lottery tickets.. that’s only going to end badly.

Nominee for parent of the year: A central Florida mother of four has gone on strike, saying that the constant bickering between her children has become intolerable. Logically she quit!

Imagine gaming with your mind! Yep, new technology may leave joysticks, control pads and keyboards far behind… the real question is when will this get incorporated into porn sites?
Segment 3:

The city of Chicago feels the best way to combat an escalating drug problem is to ban tiny plastic bags used in drug sales. In a related story, to handle the obesity epidemic the city is considering banning plates so people don’t have anything to eat off of.

Global warming leads to the coolest summer in many years in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia.

And you never know what you might find at the salvation army. Sometimes old equipment, antiques, furniture, hand grenades, clothes… wait… what?

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