“…Our top story tonight, Tom Brady has a cold… EVERYBODY PANIC!”

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As terrorism, hunger, poverty and all issues foreign and domestic have seemingly been resolved, it’s time to focus on the only salient question remaining for mankind:  Does Tom Brady have a cold?  This investigation doesn’t simply stop here, however, as we ask the tough questions, “How many tissues has he used?  What is his temperature?  Will the world come to a decisive end as a result?  Has anyone else in the history of man had a cold and, if so, could it possibly be as intense or significant as the strain that Tom Brady is currently battling at this time?”  Yes, these are all excellent questions but I must confess my failure in obtaining all of the relevant answers that you, the abundantly adept public, so desperately crave.


Gamblers are just interested in whether or not the New England Patriots quarterback will be good to go for Superbowl 49 The Big Game on Sunday.  Brady participated in practice and looks like he will be ready to go on Sunday.  The Patriots, as of this writing, are favored by 1 point over the Seahawks.




My money is still with the Seahawks to beat the Cheaters by a final score of 31-20.  Quite frankly, I wouldn’t bet on this game with your money nevermind my own, still I know many of you rely on my expert  picks so there you are.

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  1. Re: Beijing (China Probrem!)
    Anyone remember the Kyoto environmental compact? It excluded all of the developing countries from the restrictions and almost entirely targeted the united states.

    Long time no IRC Mike

  2. Re: Pop Music Production
    It’s not adobe, it’s google doing an “auto awesome” option for audio tracks. :D

  3. Ginny Sullivan Says:
    May 23, 2015 at 3:33 pm

    :) <3