I Gotta Have More Exorcism!


Lost in the health care debate I dare to ask the most important question that has yet to be answered with any degree of satisfaction: Who is going to pay for it? Meanwhile the House of Representatives confuses us all with various nomenclature and seemingly unconstitutional rules to push through legislation. Deem-and-pass, up-and-down, points of order–Republicans and Democrats seem to be more interested in the gamesmanship than in legislation or reform.

The real problem with the Catholic church is that Satan has obviously taken over many of the fallen priests and the solution is obvious… more exorcisms!

Also on this episode: NFL looking into changing the overtime rules. John McCain backs off his crusade against those big supplement companies. Stupid lawsuits featuring a guy that trips on a beach and sues the city for it. A cop steals a hose… or does he?

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