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50,000 set to march on the streets of Phoenix in protest of SB1070, the Arizona law that makes it a state crime to be in the United States illegally.

Gary Coleman, dead at the age of 42. An investigation is underway as the details of his death are, at the very least, suspicious.

The dream act seems more like a nightmare as scholarships are handed out to individuals that are in this country illegally. Scoreboard update –

A Michigan Legislator wants journalists to be licensed. He says that the lack of credibility in today’s news requires that we more carefully scrutinize who is reporting it. That’s odd, because we don’t license legislators and they have a lower credibility than journalists.

New and rather chilling accounts of the events that took place on the Deep Water Horizon shortly before it exploded in April. Aside from the eleven dead, others injured and millions of gallons of oil that continue to spill into the Gulf, significant legal repercussions are increasingly likely against BP. A continued hot-potato approach to the situation is taking place within the Obama administration. Probably not much surprise that talk radio hosts blame opposing sides for the disaster.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says “the rich are not paying their fair share in any nation…” She would know as she is one of those rich that doesn’t pay her fair share. Of course, she may have a point, the top one percent of all wage earners in the U.S. pay more than a third of all the tax dollars collected… so you’re right, the rich actually don’t pay their fair share, they pay substantially more! Also, in this same diatribe, Clinton drops quite the hammer with regard to whom we owe our continued success in this country.

Also on this episode: The 5 most expensive desserts, if you thought paying $10-$20 for some decadent, over the top ice cream concoction is excessive then #5 will give you some real sticker shock. Maybe we should require IQ tests for people on TV/radio–I guess that means no more Sherri Sheppard highlights. NBA Playoffs recap/analysis.

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