Is It Really a Good Idea to Smoke on the Job? “Relax I’m a Doctor”


California proposes legislation that would allow for smoking marijuana at the workplace. “I’m so nervous about performing that open heart surgery, maybe I should blaze up first!” What could go wrong?

Russia is on fire… literally. Over 500 wildfires continue to burn across the nation and at least one is threatening a nuclear power plant.

Dr. Laura, the N Word and just things you shouldn’t do on radio.

Ramadan has begun! President Barack Obama is having a dinner to celebrate the start of the holy month at the White House. That should squash all those nutjob theories about the president being a Muslim. Truthfully, I wish he wouldn’t have such an event just so we don’t have to be barraged with endless birther and Muslim blasts in the media from the usual suspects.

Also on this episode: The pop chart bends the boundaries of tolerance that our brains can withstand. Also a list of the most expensive watches in the world… the 007 watch is curiously missing.

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