Dis-Pence-Sing the Anthem

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Vice President Mike Pence makes an appearance at the Indianapolis Colts game on Sunday, only to abruptly leave when he spots players taking a knee during the national anthem.

Protests are fine, making a statement is great, but costing the taxpayers more than $250,000 to galvanize your base and reignite a topic that had nearly run it’s course isn’t okay… at all.  I’m sure the fans that had to endure extra security, longer delays in and out of the stadium and having to hear about this silly controversy weren’t too pleased either.



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One Response to “Dis-Pence-Sing the Anthem”

  1. Love this and yay new podcast and love the Trump Voice!

    Love the remake of Belinda’s Heaven on Earth! I want a copy!

    So sad about all those who lost their lives in Vegas.

    This world is going mad really really MAD.