You Can’t Have Your Facebook and Privacy Too.


Nothing like a cross-country jaunt for a job interview. Even more nerve wracking than the possibility of moving to Jacksonville, FL for a radio gig was the adventure of just getting there and back! As for the interview and how it turned it out as well as whether or not I’ll be uprooting my life and other possible changes to come… tune in!

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Facebook may be inadvertently outing gay users to advertisers/researchers. Different advertisements are being sent to users based on their “interests”, whether it’s men, women or both. The discovery could mean that those who wish to keep their sexuality private may be sharing it with advertisers. You mean to tell me that information you put up on the most populated social networking site on the internet isn’t private? come on!

It could be worse… you could be playing Farmville for 20 hours a day…

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A father and his 10-year old son disagree about what’s for dinner and to resolve the dispute they do what any good family unit does… dial 9-1-1. Of course this story comes complete with hilarious audio.

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Also on this episode: The pop chart featuring 10 different songs all using the same beat and synthesizer and arrangement. Electric cars aren’t the “green technology” everyone thinks they are. In an ultimate display of pretentiousness that even Oprah couldn’t touch, a woman is fed up with the choice of men available so she has an entire ceremony whereby she marries herself.

In studio: Hillary Fox <3, the website Goddess.

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