Rationality Prevails: NY Marathon Cancelled

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In the aftermath of ‘superstorm Sandy’, nearly 4 million residents in the northeast remained without power as of Friday afternoon.  Reports of guns being drawn at gas stations where supplies were short, rationing, dumpster diving for food and other horrific subtitles continued to underscore the post Sandy landscape.  The death toll contunues to rise and has topped 70 with many more missing or unaccounted for throughout New York and New Jersey.

The storm may have long since passed, but the cleanup efforts will be ongoing for weeks to come.  Utility workers from across the region and even as far away as Arizona have arrived to lend their support.  Unfortunately, relief wasn’t warmly greeted everywhere.  In New Jersey the local power workers union rejected the assistance from outside utility workers as they weren’t part of the ‘union’.   Nevertheless, many areas were accepting help and efforts to restore power were well underway.   The sooner, the better with regard to getting the lights on as the forecast this weekend shows cold air continuing to settle over the region with overnight lows forecast to drop into the 20s and 30s.

Meanwhile in New York City, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that the New York Marathon would be cancelled.  Although initially the mayor said the race would go on as scheduled on November 4th, pressure from sensible and rational human beings caused the mayor to rethink his position.  It would be almost inconceivable to imagine thousands of people racing through the streets of Manhattan while only a few blocks away flooded buildings, dead bodies and general destruction continues.



4 Days to Go


Speaking of Marathons, the 2012 election cycle is nearing the finish line and candidates are ramping up their tiresome schedules to make their final sale to the American people.  Ohio and Pennsylvania seem to be the primary focus for both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.  Polls still show a tight race everywhere with Ohio still locked up at 48-48.

The wildcard this election day will be residents affected by Sandy.  Those without power, persons who have evacuated or where polling places are inaccessable may have quite a difficult time casting their votes on Tuesday.  How many people fall into this category is unknown, but in a tight race one could speculate that even this potentially small factor may be a difference maker.

It should be noted that the Free and Equal Foundation will be hosting a debate between Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein Monday evening.  As was the case previously, the debate will be available on outlets such as freeandequal.org and rt.tv.



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